Collaborative Professionals of Canada (“CPC”) is a professional association of legal, mental health and financial professionals committed to promoting collaborative law for family dispute resolution across Canada. The organization serves as a resource to collaborative practice groups, individual practitioners and the public. CPC partners with provincial and regional groups to create a unified voice that can inform and influence family law legislation and law reform.


For its professional members, CPC provides a forum to share experiences and best practices with colleagues across the nation; creates opportunities to network with other collaborative professionals; and provides learning and professional development that keeps collaborative professionals current in the rapidly evolving field of collaborative law.

CPC recognizes that public awareness of the principles, standards, and individual and collective benefits associated with collaborative practice are key to its growth and credibility.

Steering Committee

Yuval Berger – Family Professional, Vancouver, BC

Bronwen Brunch – Financial Professional, Toronto, ON

Bev Churchill – Lawyer, Kelowna, BC

Anne Daines – Family Professional, Edmonton, AB

Connie den Hollander – Lawyer, Saskatoon, SK

Jacinta Gallant – Lawyer, Charlottetown, PEI

Judith Huddart – Lawyer, Toronto, ON

Stella Kavoukain – Family Professional, Toronto, ON

Beryl McNeil – Lawyer, Calgary, AB

Anu Osborne – Lawyer, Winnipeg, MB

Alexa Turner – Lawyer, Toronto, ON