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Working with Neutrals

Presenters:  Laurie Stein (Family Professional) and Alison Anderson (Financial Professional) are experienced trainers with a wealth of information and insights to share from their years of working on Collaborative Practice teams in Ontario.

This professional development program was originally presented live on March 11, 2021.  A recording of the presentation is now available to all Collaborative Professionals of Canada Members.

CP Canada’s ‘Cross Country Check-up’

Presenters:  Jacinta Gallant (PEI), Mary Eileen O’Brien (NB), Martha Shea (QB), Laurie Stein (ON), Greg Evans (MB), Audrey Gordon (SK), Renee LeNobel and Abby Pettererson (BC).

Jacinta Gallant, providing our own East Coast version of Rex Murphy, hosted this interdisciplinary panel of CP Professionals from across Canada on January 19, 2021.  Panelists and attendees shared what’s happening in their regions – including membership requirements, how interdisciplinary teams are working, and group initiatives, as well as some common challenges experienced by CP Groups.  This 1.5 hour lively discussion will bring you up-to-date on what’s happening in Collaborative Practice across the country.

Cultivating Curiosity and Bringing Insight to Our Work

11.5 1.5 Presenter: Jacinta Gallant

In collaborative practice, we have to manage the legal, financial and deeply emotional aspects of separation in order to help our clients reach an agreement that deals with what matters, and what works.

Our clients are often strongly defensive and feel challenged in ways that threaten their very identities. Their behaviour can seem demanding and “unreasonable”. When we try to help them see things from a different perspective, or use active listening to acknowledge their strong feelings, it is sometimes not enough to calm the conflict. What the heck is going on and how can we help?!

In this 1.5 hour* workshop you will be introduced to the Insight Approach to Conflict and learn how curiosity enhances our ability to defuse conflict, and encourages our clients to discover and focus on what matters. 

* This workshop has received credit from the BC Law Society for 1.5 CPD and ADR hours.

Assessing and Addressing Domestic Violence in CP Files

Presenters: Bev Churchill and Lisa Alexander

“Family Violence”, Domestic Violence”, “Intimate Partner Violence” – Whatever it may be called in your province, violence exists for our clients and can and does have significant impacts for our clients and their families. Screening for power and control dynamics is critical in the practice of family law, including collaborative family law/practice, as well as other consensual dispute resolution processes!

This 1.5 hour presentation reviews and discusses screening for power and control dynamics. Topics include:

  • a working definition of family violence
  • the purpose of screening in collaborative practice and other consensual dispute resolution processes
  • identification, assessment and management of family violence
  • power dynamics and sources of power
  • process for risk assessment, including power and control

Law Society CPD Hours to date:

  • British Columbia:  1.5 hrs. toward ADR hours for family violence
  • Saskatchewan:  1.5 ethics hours
  • Manitoba:  1.5 hrs. professional development
  • Ontario:  1 hr. professionalism, .5 hr. EDI